A. Kumudha

Assistant Professor

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    M.A., M.Phil., M.B.A., Ph.D.

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  • Date of Join: 2013-12-05


  • The Indian Economy Vision-2020 Department of Economics, N.M.S.S.Vellaichamy Nadar College,Madurai Inter Collegiate Seminar 01.03.2005
  • Globalisation and its Impact on Education Department of Economics, Sourashtra college, Madurai National Conference 25.02.2008
  • International Crisis and its Impact Busi-Eclat Association meet N.M.S.Sermathai Vasan College for Women, Madurai 05.03.2009
  • Recent Trends in Leadership Style School of Economics, Madurai Kamaraj University Sponsored by UGC & TANSCHE 18.05.2009 & 19.05.2009
  • Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme for Women Students UGC-UPE Project MKU in Collaboration with N.M.S.Sermathai Vasan College for Women, Madurai 17.02.2010
  • Emerging Trends in Management Practices With related to Marketing Management Department of Business Administration,(S/F), N.M.S.S.Vellaichamy Nadar College,Madurai National Seminar 17.03.2011
  • India?s Emerging Services Sector- Challenges and Opportunities With Special reference to Hospitality N.M.S.S.Vellaichamy Nadar College,Madurai International Seminar (UGC Autonomy Grant) 25.08.2011
  • Challenges of Indian Business in Global Economy Annai Mathammal Sheela Engineering College, Erumapatty,Namakkal Dist International Conference 23.9.2011
  • Recent Trends in Service Sectors with Special Reference to LIC OF INDIA Amman College of Arts and Science,Dindigul National Conference 10.09.2011
  • New Approaches to Marketing Management N.M.S.S.Vellaichamy Nadar College,Madurai National Level Seminar 24.12.2012
  • Foreign Direct Investment in Agriculture PG & Research Dept. of Commerce&Department of Economics, Mannar Thirumalai Naicker College, Madurai State Level Seminar 02.02.2013
  • Emerging Trends in Service Sector Department of Commerce,A.K.D.Dharmaraja Women?s College,Rajapalayam State Level Seminar 17.04.2013
  • Tourism Industry in India ? Challenges and Oppurtunities PG & Research Dept. of Commerce, Mannar Thirumalai Naicker College, Madurai National Level Seminar 12.08.2013
  • Health Issues in India Sadakathullah Appa College, Tirunelveli UGC sponsored seminar on The Recent Economic Issues in India 7.3.2014 ISBN 13:978-81-924081-8-7
  • Rural Sanitation and its impact on Environment ANJA College, Sivakasi Management sponsored seminar on Environmental impact of Water and Sanitation 7.3.2014
  • Education and Human Resource Development St. Mary?s College, Tuticorin HRD-Perspectives & Strategies 20.2.2014 & 21.2.2014 ISBN :978-93-5156-460-7
  • Role of Health in Indian Economy Dept. of Rural Economics, MKU. Challenges and Challenging Scenario in Rural Development 3.3.2014 & 4.3.2014 ISBN: 978-93-80686-74-5
  • Climate Change and its impact on Agriculture w.s.r. to Banana Production Dept. of Environmental Economics, MKU ICSSR sponsored seminar on Climate Change, Environment and Agricultural Development 27.3.2014 & 28.3.2014 ISBN:978-93-85109-56-0
  • Inflationary Trends in India PG&Research Dept. of Economics, Thiagarajar College.MDU UGC Sponsored seminar on Economics of Inflation Dynamics 21.8.2014 & 22.8.2014 ISBN: 978-93-80686-35-6
  • FDI and Indian Health Care The Madura College, Madurai UGC sponsored seminar on FDI in Service Sector in India 1.9.2014 ISBN:978-93-80657-60-8
  • FDI in Single Brand Retail Devanga Arts College, Arupukottai UGC sponsored seminar on FDI in Indian Retail Sector 11.9.2014 & 12.9.2014 ISBN: 978-93-80686-54-7
  • Bio diversity at Global, National and Local Levels Saraswathi Narayanan College, MDU UGC sponsored seminar on Ways to achieve Green Environment and its impact on Indian Economys 9.10.2014 & 10.10.2014 ___
  • Issues and Challenges of Medical Tourism in India Holy Cross College, Trichy UGC sponsored seminar on Issues and Challenges of Service Sector in India 7.1.2015 ISBN: 978-81-922545-4-8
  • Technology for production of Biomass Govt.Arts College, Melur UGC sponsored Seminar on Renewable energy Technologies 12.02.2015 & 13.02.2015 ISBN:978-81-922144-9-8
  • Impact of Climate Changes in Agriculture Saraswathi Narayanan College, MDU UGC sponsored seminar on Socio Economic Damages of Climate Change in India 20.3.2015
  • India?s Position in the Global Economy The Madura College, Madurai UGC sponsored seminar onIndia?s Position in the Global Economy 30.9.2015 ISBN: 978-93-85109-34-8
  • Gold Price Fluctuations Arul Anandar College, MDU Contemporary Issues on International Economics 12.1.2016
  • Social Capital and Women?s Health Sri Parasakthi College for Women, Courtrallam. UGC sponsored seminar on Social Capital to Strengthern Health Policy and Health System in India. 26.2.2016
  • Challenges for Teachers in Current Scenario IQAC, Thiagarajar College.MDU NAAC sponsored seminar on Benchmarks for Excellence in Teaching and Evaluation 1.4.2016 & 2.4.2016 ISBN: 978-93-83209-04-0
  • Rekai Sattam Pasumpon Muthuramalinga Thevar Chair, MKU, MDU A Temporal Analysis of Social, Economic and Political Status of DNT?s in India 14.3.2014 To 16.3.2014 ISBN: 978-80657-27-1
  • Impact of Globalisation on Indian Financial System Vivekananda College, Tiruvedagam Impact of Globalisation on Indian Financial System 30.8.2014
  • Urbanisation and Health Fatima College, Madurai UGC sponsored seminar on Changing Urban Scenario-Opportunities and Challenges 17.2.2016
  • Identification of Variables Contributing Banana Production: A Factor Analytic Approach IJAR- Volume 5, Issue 5. ISSN No. 2249-555X Impact factor: 3.6241 May 2015
  • An Analysis of Resource Use Efficiency in Banana Production EIJMMS ? Volume5(9), page 41-46 ISSN No. 2249-8834 September2015
  • Banana-A Friend of the Poor Man Kisan World ? Volume 42 ISSN No. 0971-9229 August 2015
  • An Economic Analysis of Handloom Weavers in Madurai District. MANAS-Volume:7. No.1 December 2015
  • A Study on Socio-Economic Status of Dairy Workers in Madurai City. IJRSS- Volume 6, Issue 6 ISSN No. 2249-2496 June 2016

  • Confrence/Workshop Attended

  • Orientation Programme for newly Rectruited Teachers IQAC, Thiagarajar College.MDU 2.12.2013 & 3.12.2013
  • Training cum Workshop on Test Designing and Item Analysis National Testing Service India,at Thiagarajar College.MDU 10.2.2014 To 12.2.2014
  • Faculty Induction and Improvement Programme for Newly Recruited Faculty Members IQAC, Thiagarajar College.MDU 1.3.2014 & 2.3.2014
  • Workshop on the Recent Developments in Economics for the College Teachers. The Madura College, Madurai 13.3.2015
  • Orientation Programme Madurai Kamarajar Universtiy 3.2.2015 To 2.3.2015
  • Refresher Programme on Stress Management and Emotional Wesllbeing Women?s Studies Centre, Thiagarajar College.MDU 14.3.2015
  • Refresher Programme in Social Sciences on Contemporary Theories and Methodologies in Social Sciences Madurai Kamarajar Universtiy 2.11.2016 To 22.11.2016

  • lectures

  • Resource Person in Invited Guest Lecture Programme Dynamics of Urbanisation The Madura College, Madurai 18.9.2015

    • Working History

    • Lecturer in Economics, BBA Department

      18 years 4months

      N.M.S.Sermathai Vasan College for Women, Avaniapuram, Madurai

    Event Organised

  • Workshop on Indian Economy Govt.Hr.Sec.School. Thiruvathavur. Madurai Dist UGC Sponsored 21.01.14 & 25.01.14
  • Workshop on Essentials of Economics Govt.Hr.Sec.School. Thiruvathavur. Madurai Dist UGC Sponsored 09.09.2014 & 10.09.2014
  • State Level Student?s Seminar Emerging issues in Health sector of Indian Economy Thiagarajar College, Madurai UGC Autonomy Grant 23.02.2016
  • Economic Association Modern Entrepreneurship Mr. A.K.B.Nawas Babu Thiagarajar College, PG4, Smart room UGC Autonomy Grant 31.03.2015
  • Special Lecture Financial Inclusion Thiru.B.Baskar Raja, Team Manager, Mashreq Bank, Deira, Dubai Thiagarajar College, PG4, Smart room UGC Autonomy Grant 17.09.2014
  • Pattimandram in Tamil Development on India in the past and present Dr.G.Gnana Sambanthan Thiagarajar College, Main hall UGC Autonomy Grant 12.01.2016

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  • Team leader, 5S at Dept of Economics, Thiagarajar College,

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