M. Elangovan

Associate Professor

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    M.A., M.Phil., B.Ed., M.A(Ling), Ph.D.

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  • Date of Join: 2000-07-28


  • Bapsi Sidhwa's Ice-Candy Man: A Post Colonial Discourse. Shine 21 Issue August 2007. Peer Reviewed.
  • Prescriptions, Prohibitions and Punishments in Bapsi Sidhwa's A Pakistani Bride. In Bridge in Making. No: 53, 54 July 2009.Peer Reviewed
  • New Aestheticism: An Angel Against Theory as Hermeneutics of Suspicion. Eclectic Representations, Vol. 2. Issue 1. July, 2012.Pg. no 139-146,ISSN 2231-430X,Peer Reviewed
  • A.K. Ramanujam's Observations on Tamil Poetics: A Dravidian Answer to Indian Aestheticism and its Spatial Strategies. American College of Journal of English Language and Literature no: 1. August 2012. Pg 163-166 ISSN 1725 2278 876X (Vol 1) Peer Reviewed
  • "The Formation of the Subaltern Consciousness: A Bisexual Foetus", TEJAS Thiagarajar College Journal, Vol. 1(2), June 2016, ISSN(Online): 2456-4044
  • Published a paper “On the Abolition of Marginalisation(A Requiem for Grand Narratives)”. Neithal Aaivu. Vol-2. ISBN No: 2456-2882. 2017.
  • Published a paper “The Politics of Women’s Writing”. Women’s Writings: A Multifaceted Reading. ISBN No: 978-93-80890-43-2. 2018.
  • Published a paper “The Archetypal Indian Mind: Diversions and Deviations”. Olio: Observations Scripted. Ed. Rema. ISBN No: 978-93-86770-94-3. 2018.
  • Published a paper “Metatheorising Gayathri Chakravorty Spivak’s “Subaltern Studies: Deconstructing Historiography”. Literature of the Marginalised: Dreams, Voices and Challenges of the Subaltern. Ed. M. Nallakurumban; Rev. Dr. S. Paul Pragash, Dr. B. Beneson. ISSN No: 2249-2151. 2018.
  • Published a paper “Aesthetic Emoticons in Passuvaiya’s (Sundara Ramasamy) Select Poems”. Guild of Indian English Writers, Editors and Critics. ISBN No: 978-93-87870-65-9. 2018.
  • "Oceanic Crisis in Sri Lankan Tamil Poetry: A Phoenician birth of Poetic Spirit", Literary Endeavour, International Journal of Multidisciplinary Researches, Vol.IX, Special Issue: I, July 2018, ISSN: 0976-299X
  • Published a paper on the title, Metatheorising Gayathri Chakravorty Spivak’s “Subaltern Studies: Deconstructing Historiography”, TJELLS, ISSN 2249-2151, Dec 2018.
  • Published a Poem on the title “Celebration of Local”, Setu, Bilingual Monthly Journal, Pittsburgh, USA, ISSN 2475-1359, June 2019.
  • Published a paper “Aijaz Ahamed’s “On Post Modernism”: A Marxist Approach to Post Modernism as an Ideaological Conspiracy of Crony Capitalism”. International Journal of Research in Social Sciences: Special Issue on “English Language, World Literature and Gender Studies”. Ed. Dr. K. Premkumar, Dr. P. Jeyapriya, Dr. Suresh Frederick, Dr. K. Kaviyarasu. Ref. No.: SEL 0102. Vol. 9. Impact Factor: 7.081. Issue No.:5. ISSN No.: 2249-2496. 2019.
  • Published a Paper on the title “Sa. Kandasamy’s Saaya Vanam: An Irony of Cosmic Chaos in the Era of Anthropocene”, International Conference, Berhampur University, Berhampur, Odisha, Dec 2019.
  • Published a Poem on the title “Colourless Butterflies”, International Conference, Berhampur University, Berhampur, Odisha, Dec 2019.

  • Conference/Workshop Attended

  • Inter-Collegiate Seminar, SFR College for Women, Sivakasi, September 28, 2001.
  • HIV/AIDS Sponsored by Tamilnadu AIDS Control Society. Family Welfare Training Centre, Madurai. Mar. 2002
  • Dr. M. Elangovan Bapsi Sidhwa's Ice-Candy Man A Post Colonial Discourse. SFR College for Women. Aug. 2004.
  • Two Day Regional Seminar on "Women Writers: World View", SFR College for Women", Sivakasi, August, 27-28, 2004.
  • Dr. M. Elangovan Language and Literature: Heteroglossia in Bapsi Sidhwa's Ice Candy Man. St. Joseph College. Trichy. Feb. 2005.
  • A Winter Course on Modern Literary Theory and Criticism. Gandhigram Rural Institute. Jan.2005.
  • With an Award Winning Turkish-American Novelist, Guneli-Gun at American College May. 2005
  • Dr. M. Elangovan From Poetics to Polemics: Subaltern Studies as a Postcolonial Critique. VHNSN College Virudunagar. Mar. 2007.
  • Literary Theory: National Seminar. Fatima College Madurai. 2007. National Fatima College
  • Dr. M. Elangovan Historiography, Hegemony and a Search for Subalternity in Post Colonial, Lady Doak College. Madurai Feb.2008.
  • Dr. M. Elangovan Aristotle's Poetics as Metatext of Logo-Centricism. Alagappa University. Mar. 2008.
  • Delegate, Workshop on Item Writing Prescribed for College Level, Thiagarajar College, Madurai, March 24-26, 2011
  • Literary Theory: National Seminar. Fatima College Madurai. 2011.
  • Two day National Workshop on Translation: Theory and Practice. ANJAC. Sivakasi. Jan. 2013. National ANJAC
  • Two Day National Workshop on "Translation: Theory and Practice", ANJAC, Sivakasi, Jan 21-22, 2013
  • National Seminar on Urbanization in Tamizhagam: Historical and Archeological Perspective, Karuthu=Pattarai, Madurai, Nov 18, 2018.
  • 7th International Seminar on South Asian Literature in English, Aesthetic Emoticans in Passuvaiya's (Sundara Ramasamy) Select Poems, Thiruvalluvar Government Arts College, Rasipuram Dec 14 and 15, 2018.
  • One Day Workshop on Approaches, Methods and Theories towards Readings and Re-readings of Literary Texts, Vivekananda College, Madurai, Feb2, 2019.
  • GIAN Course on Cognitive Semiotics, The Gandhigram Rural Institute, Gandhigram, Feb 11 to 15, 2019.
  • International Seminar on "Globalisation of English and Changing Definitions of Proficiency, The American College, Madurai, June 3, 2019.
  • Presented a Paper on the title “Sa. Kandasamy’s Saaya Vanam: An Irony of Cosmic Chaos in the Era of Anthropocene”, International Conference, Berhampur University, Berhampur, Odisha, Dec 2019.
  • Presented a Poem on the title “Colourless Butterflies”, International Conference, Berhampur University, Berhampur, Odisha, Dec 2019.
  • Presented a paper titled “A Meta-Reading of Michael Ryan’s Structuralistic Approach to King Lear”, International Conference on “Sustainable Development”, Kalasalingam University, Virudhunagar, Dec. 2019

  • Books Published

  • Viriya Thirantha Siragugal, Sembulam Veliyeedu, 2010.
  • Kazhumara Kavithaigal, Oviya Pathippagam, July 2017.
  • Moral Aesthetics: An Anthology of Avvaiyar's Didactic Poetry, Emerald Publishers, 2019.
  • Poems of Madness, Emerald Publishers, June 29, 2019.
  • Ezhutha Mudiya Haiku, Ezhilini Publishers, June 29, 2019

  • Lectures

  • Guest Speaker "Literary Criticism- New Criticism" SFR College for Women August 28, 2002.
  • Guest Lecture on "Comparative Literature" under COHSSIP, V.V.V. College for Women, Virudhunagar, March 22, 2003.
  • Guest Lecture on "Contemporary Literary Theory" V.V.V. College for Women, Virudhunagar, July 23, 2010
  • Guest Lecture on "Professional Tug of War and New Age Learning among the Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff Members of Institutions in India, Thiagarajar College of Preceptors, Madurai, Aug, 12, 2015
  • Resource Person "Shakespeare and New Historicism" Arul Anandar College 9th January 2017.
  • Resource Person, "Celebrate Shakespeare", Vivekanandha College, Madurai, Dec 9, 2017
  • Guest Lecture on "Micro Political and Hierarchical State Structure in Act IV Scene I of The Merchant of Venice", Vivekanandha College, Madurai, Dec 9, 2017
  • Special Lecture on "Shakespeare as a Philosopher", Mannar Thirumalai Naicker College, Madurai, Dec 22, 2017
  • Guest Lecture on "English Language Teaching", S.V.N. College, Madurai, Feb 3, 2018.
  • Keynote Address, One Day National Seminar on "Literatures of the Marginalised: Dreams, Voices and Challenges of the Subaltern, Arul Anandhar College, Madurai, Feb 27, 2018
  • Commentator for Madurai District Conference, Thalam, May 26, 2018
  • Guest Speaker, "Tracing Deconstruction from Structuralism", Sourashtra College, Madurai, Jan09, 2019
  • Special Address, One Day International Conference on "Emerging Paradigms in English Writing EPEW-19", MSU- Constituent Model College, Nagalapuram, March 29, 2019.
  • Keynote Address, Book Launching Function of Kumaarananthan's Pale Twilight by S. Vincent/ M. Lawrence on April 28, 2019 at Madurai MOOTA.
  • Guest Lecture, "Literature: A Passion for Life", Sri. S. Ramasamy Naidu Memorial College, Sattur, June 21, 2019.
  • Resource Person, Poetry Workshop, English Literary Association, Sri Meenakshi Govt. Arts College for Women, Aug 29, 2019.
  • Key Note Address on “Street Play and Short Film Making”, National Level Workshop, VHNSN College, Sep, 2019.
  • Resource Person, International Seminar on Envisioning Textuality of Theatre and Theatricality of Text: Multi- Disciplinary approach in Language and Literature, GVN College, Kovilpatti, Sep, 2019.
  • Guest Speaker and delivered a Special Lecture on “The Millstones and Milestones in the History of English Literature”, Mary Matha College, Theni. Sep 25,2019.
  • Special Speaker, English Literary Association, C.S.I. College of Arts and Science for Women, Oct 23, 2019.
  • Special Lecture, on Introduction to “Modern Indian Drama: Themes, Motifs and Emerging Trends.
  • Guest lecture on Content and Form of Short Stories, VHNSN, Virudhunagar, Jan.2020.

    • Working History

    • PG Assistant (Temporary)

      One year

      Al-Ameen Higher Secondary School, K.Pudur, Madurai

    • Lecturer (Temporary)

      One year

      Saraswathi Narayan College, Madurai.

    • Lecturer (Temporary)

      Three years

      Thiagarajar College, Madurai.

    • Lecturer ( Permanent)

      04 Years and 11 Months

      Thiagarajar College

    • Lecturer (SS) ( Permanent)

      05 Years and 00 Months

      Thiagarajar College

    • Assistant Professor

      02 Years and 11 Months

      Thiagarajar College

    • Associate Professor

      06 Years and 06 Months

      Thiagarajar College

    Event Organised

  • Organised state level seminars, Dept of English, Thiagarajar College
  • Organising Secretary of State Level Intercollegiate Students' Seminar on Regional Writings in English: The Heteroglossia of a Narrative Nation, Thiagarajar College, Madurai, Oct 23, 2018.
  • Conducted a Poetry Workshop, Sri Meenakshi Govt. Arts College, Madurai, Aug.2019.

  • Achievements

  • Undergone Training on HIV/AIDS Program Health and Family Welfare Training Center, Vishwanathapuram, Madurai March 27, 2002
  • Orientation Programme, Academic Staff College, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai, May 17-June 13, 2002
  • Orientation Course Program NSS, Sri Avinashilingam Education Trust, 22 to 31st July, 2002.
  • Three Day Training Programme on Preksha Dhyan and Non Violence NSS, Madurai Kamaraj University 24th to 26th February 2003.
  • Rotary Club of Madurai Dr. M. Elangovan, Aug 2003.
  • V.V.V College for Women Dr. M. Elangovan, Mar 2003
  • Thiagarajar College NSS programme officer 2002 – 2005
  • Refresher Course, Academic Staff College, Annamalai University, Chidambaram, Oct 1-21, 2003
  • External Examiner, M. Phil. Viva-Voce, Madura College, Jan 17, 2005.
  • Winter Course on Modern Literary Theory and Criticism Gandhigram Rural Institute, Deemed to be University 27-31st January 2005.
  • External Examiner- M.Phil Dissertation "Women and Man: An Exploration of the Real and the Abstract in Two Plays of Girish Karnad 18th February 2005.
  • Deputed as National Convention Tamil (NTS) Member, Tamil University, Thanjavur, from March 29 to 31, 2008.
  • V.V.V College for Women Dr. M. Elangovan, 2010
  • Sri Meenakshi Govt Art College for Women Board of Studies Member 2012 - till date
  • Thiagarajar College Member of Magazine Committee 2012
  • Thiagarajar College Participated in the Training Programme on "Educational Ethos" by NAAC-IQAC 29th March 2012.
  • Sourashtra college Board of Studies Member 2012 - till date
  • Thiagarajar College Deputy Controller of Examinations 2013-2015
  • Thiagarajar College of Preceptors Dr. M. Elangovan, 2015
  • Sri Meenakshi Govt. Arts College for Women Dr. M. Elangovan, 2016
  • Board of Studies Meeting, Sourashtra College, Madurai, Jan 11, 2016
  • Arul Anandar College Dr. M. Elangovan, 2017
  • External Expert for Doctoral Committee, Alagappa University, Jan 18, 2017.
  • Area of Specialisation - British Literature,Literary Criticism and Theory,Linguistics and ELT and Translation and Creative Writing both in Tamil and English
  • External Expert, attended Viva and Doctoral Committee Meeting, Alagappa Govt. Arts College, Karaikudi, April 4, 2017
  • External Examiner for the M. Phil. Viva-Voce, Sri Meenakshi Govt. Arts College for Women, Madurai, June 20, 2017
  • Donated Two Books, Harvey Library, The Madura College, Madurai, Sep, 2017
  • Subject Expert, Board of Studies in English, Madura College, Madurai, Feb 23, 2018
  • University Nominee in Board of Studies for B. A. English, VHNSN College, Virudhunagar, from May 20, 2019 to May 19, 2021
  • External examiner for M. Phil., Sri S. Ramasamy Naidu Memorial College, Sattur, June 21, 2019
  • Life Membership of The Poetry Society, New Delhi, dated from August 31, 2019
  • Donated my own books Poems of Madnesss and Moral Aesthetics to Sahitya Akademi. Aug, 2019.
  • Part Time Academic Counsellor, IGNOU, New Delhi, Sep- Dec 2019.
  • Received the first copy of K.S.Agamudainambi’s Thirukkuraal with English Verses. Madurai. Nov 23,2019.
  • Edited International Seminar Proceedings on “Envisioning Textuality of Theatre and Theatricality of the Text: A Multi- Disciplinary Approach in Language and Literature. Advisory Editorial Board Member. ISBN No.: 978-93-86782-93-9. 2019.
  • Chair Person, “Perspectives on Anthropocene”, International Conference, Berhampur University, Berhampur, Odisha, Dec 2019.
  • External Expert Member, Saraswathi Narayanan College, August 26, 2020
  • External Expert Member, Sri Meenakshi Government Arts College, September 08, 2020

  • Ph.D Guidelines

    Scholar name Research area Status Year
    Johnson Stephen I Literature and Lacanian Psychoanalysis Pursuing N.A.
    Mr. R. S. Vignesh Socio- Psychological Discourses in the Select Plays of Mahesh Dattani Pursuing N.A.
    Ms. Sheba Premsingh Narrating the Nation: A Postcolonial Critique of the Select Works of Aravind Adiga Pursuing N.A.
    Mr. R. Vinoth Principles of Reader Response Criticism and Select Others: A Reshaping of Self Pursuing N.A.
    Ms. S. Ilakkiya Rani Magical Realism as a Mythopoetic Narration in the Select Short Stories of Jorge Luis Borges Pursuing N.A.
    Ms. N. Barani Gay Studies as a Textual Metamodernism in the Select Novels of Shyam Selvadurai Pursuing N.A.

    Sponserd Research

    Title Agency Responsibility Status
    Subalternity in the Novels of Bapsi Sidhwa: A Post-colonial study UGC Minor Research Project Completed


    Society Detail Period
    GIEWEC Patron Member From 2018
  • The Poetry Society, New Delhi
  • Life Membership
  • August 2019