S. Suganya

Assistant Professor (SF)

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  • Date of Join: 2015-06-18

Conference/Workshop Attended

1) Paper presented on "Entrepreneurship Development" in an All India Management meet conducted by PSNA Engineering College, Dindigal at 2008. 2) Participated on "Espirit-De-Corps" in Management meet conducted by Sourashtra college at 2009. Presented paper on " Innovation Issues in Functional Areas of Management" in the International conference conducted by Anna University,Trichy, 2015. 3) Participated in FDP on "Empowering college Teachers with effective Teaching skills" conducted by OAA MAVMM School of Management,2016. 4) Presented paper on "Benchmarks for Excellence in Teaching and Evaluation" in Naac sponsored National seminar conducted by IQAC, Thiagarajar college,2016. 5) Participated and Presented article in the workshop conducted in Thiagarajar college on the topic of "Reformations and innovation in evaluation" at 2017. 6) Participated in "Faculty Development Program on Goods & Services Tax" at Thiagarajar college,2017. 7) Presented topic on "Is GST Progressive or Regressive in India-GST Demystified(with special reference to GST Council 2017)" in the National Seminar held at SVN college,2017. 8) Published paper on "Fact sheet of Micro Become Small,small become Medium,Medium become Macro,Macro become Global through Central Government acitivity since 2015" in National conference held on The American college,2018. 9) Participated in the workshop on "Effective Evaluation Methodologies" conducted by Thiagarajar college,2018. 10) Participated in the workshop on "Art of Writing Research papers,project proposals and patent Filling" organized by Thiagarajar college,2018. 11) Published paper on "Is GST Progressive or Regressive in India-GST Demystified(with special reference to GST Council 2017)" in the International Seminar held at NPR arts & Science college,2019. 12) Participated in the ICCSR Impress sponsored National seminar on "Green Perceptions: Ecology and Literature" organized by Annai Fatima College,2019.

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    4 months

    NPR College of Arts and Science

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    1.10 years

    Sermathai vasan college for women


Qualified in SET 2012

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