P. Rajam

Assistant Professor (SF)

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    M.Sc., M.Phil.

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  • Date of Join: 2016-06-16

Conference/Workshop Attended

PRESENTED: • Fabrication of copper-curcumin/graphene oxide nanocomposite and its catalytic activity towards reduction of p-nitrophenol P. Rajam and Dr. R Mahalakshmy,at INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON “RECENT TRENDS IN CHEMISTRY AND BIOSCIENCES”- May 16 and 17 -2019 (ICRTCB- 2019), Madurai kamaraj university,Madurai. • Fabrication of Green Synthesised CuO nanoparticles on Graphene Oxide Nanosheet by Electrostatic Coprecipitation and its Catalytic Activity towards Reduction of 4-nitrophenol P.Rajam, Muthukutty,at International Conference on “Modern Trends in Chemistry”February 23, 2018, Vivekananda College, Tirivedagam

  • UGC Sponsored National Level symposium on " Recent Trends in Chemistry" on 01.02.2002 at S.F.R College for Women,Sivakasi.
  • One Day seminar on "Frontier areas in Chemistry" on 20.02.2002 at V.H.N.S.N. College,Virudhunagar.
  • National Level symposium on " Recent trends in chemistry of Biologically interesting compounds" on 22,23.07.2005 at V.H.N.S.N. College, Virudhunagar.
  • UGC sponsered " Refresher Course" on "Current Topics in Chemistry" 07.11.2006 to 27.11.2006 at Academic college ,MKU,Madurai.
  • "Workshop on Cheminformatics" on 29,30.09.2008 at Lady Doak College,Madurai.
  • "Biomedical diagnosis " courses on 19.02.2007 tỏ 23.02.2007 at V.H.N.S.N .College, Virudhunagar.
  • TEQIP II sponsored two days workshop on"Molecular organic devices and its applications" organised by the Department of chemistry on 27.3.2017 and 28.3.2017 at Thiagarajar college of engineering ,Madurai. • DST-SERB sponsored International conference on “Functional Materials ” (ICFM) Department of Chemistry, Thiagarajar College Madurai on 7th and 8th September 2017. • National level advanced lecture series programme on “organic spectroscopy, stereo chemistry and Reaction Mechanism” on Feb.20 & 21 ,2018, Lady Doak College, Madurai. • Workshop on “Art of writing Research papers,project proposals,and patent filing” organized byThiagarajar college,Madurai,under UGC autonomy grant,held on 17.10.2018. • One day workshop on “Innovative practices in examination systems” organized by byThiagarajar college,Madurai,under UGC autonomy grant,held on 13.02.2019. • Hands on training on “The interpretation of Electrochemical Impedance and TEM Data” organized by Department of chemistry ,Lady Doak college,Madurai held on 24.01.2019

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      4 years 3 months

      V.H.N.S.N. College Virudhunagar.

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      3 months

      Lady Doak College,Madurai.

    • Lecturer

      3 months

      Sowrwshtra College, Madurai.

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      5 months

      Lady Doak College, Madurai


  • 2004 Qualified National Eligibility Test"CSIR-UGC-LS

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