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INTERNATIONAL LEVEL PUBLICATIONS - ASIAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICS - 1)Formulation Development and Evaluation of ofloxacin containing Floating Drug Delivery System-(Floating beads) on Asian journal of pharmaceutics, vol-1, Issue 1, Oct-Dec-2006. 2) Formulation development and evaluation of ofloxacin containing floating drug delivery system- (Floating micro particles & Floating tablets) on second international conference and indo-Canadian satellite symposium on pharmaceutical science, technology, practice and natural products . Feb 24-26, 2007 NATIONAL LEVEL PUBLICATIONS 1) GENDER DISCRIMINATION AND PSYCHOLOGICAL PROBLEMS OF WOMEN IN SMART CITIES: A REVIEW 2) Psycho Social Rehabilitation For Mentally Ill Women: A Review-WORLD PSYCHO SOCIAL CONFERENCE 3) TEACHING FOR MEANINGFUL LEARNING - A REVIEW OF INNOVATIONS IN TEACHING 4) Role of information and communication technology in teaching and learning-Review of Literature STATE LEVEL PUBLICATIONS 1) SUICIDE RISK ASSESSMENT: A SYSTEMATIC REVIEW 2) PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDERS ASSOCIATED WITH SUICIDE ? A REVIEW 3)PREVENTION OF DEPRESSION AND SUICIDE 4)RISK FACTORS AND TREATMENT FOR SUICIDE: A PSYCHOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE 5) PSYCHOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVES ON PATHO PHYSIOLOGY AND LETHAL METHODS OF SUICIDE IN INDIA 6)PSYCHOLOGICAL TREATMENT FOR SUICIDAL PATIENTS

Conference/Workshop Attended

Conferences-4 Workshops- 5 Programmes Conducted-6 INTERNSHIP REPORTS-40 Mental Health First Aid England (MHFA)-Completed the MHFA certificate course.

Books Published

Books Published 1) Take care of your stress- ISBN code : 978-93-80686-60-8 Case Studies in Psychology (Project Reports)-26 Aggression and substance abuse disorder-1 Depression -3 Stress and Aggression-1 Emotional wellbeing-2 Depression and bipolar disorder-3 Aggression and Autism Spectrum Disorder -1 Stress and alcoholic dependence syndrome -5 Stress and Substance abuse disorder-4 Emotional problems -1 Stress and anxiety disorder-3 Psychological well being -2


Guest lecturers delivered 1) psychology classes at m.s chellamuthu trust and research institute 2) "MANITHANUM MANANILAIYUM" at mahatma old age home,villapuram, madurai 2) training classes at private educational institutions.

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ACADEMIC AWARDS 1) Best Library Utilizer Award( under graduate and post graduate) -2005-2006. 2) Dr. Soma Ilangovan Award (Best student award) -2006. 3) Gnana Sebastian Theresae Educational and Charitable Endowment Award -2006- 2007. 4) SIR RATAN TATA TRUST- Merit Scholarship and cash award -2007(scholarship no./11/838/07.(Best student award in the filed of pharmacy) 5) Gold Medal in Periyar College of pharmaceutical sciences for girls (M.Pharm)-2009 AWARDS IN GAMES 1) Championship in Football-1997 AND 1998 (FROM SUB-JUNIOR TO SUPER SENIOR LEVEL)

Event Organised

Conferences -4 workshops -3 Seminars organized-2 Training -1 1) Stress Management during adoloscence, Oct 3rd 2016, Thiagarajar College, Madurai 2) Inter generational Bonding, Feb 7th 2017, Thiagarajar College, Madurai


ACHIEVMENTS IN ACADEMIC 1) 1st rank in Periyar College of pharmaceutical sciences for girls (B.Pharm)-2005. 2) 18th rank in The Tamilnadu Dr.M.G.R Medical University (B.Pharm)-2005. 3) 1st rank in Periyar College of pharmaceutical sciences for girls (M.Pharm)--2007. 4) Distinction in the field of pharmacy from The Tamilnadu Dr.M.G.R Medical university (B.Pharm & M.Pharm)-2000-2007 5) Lecturer and assistant professor in the field of pharmaceutics at different colleges and universities-2007-2009 6) 1st rank in M.Sc applied psychology at M.S chellamuthu trust and research institute( Bharathiyar university) 7) Distinction and first mark in the field of psychological case studies(Dissertation)-2012-2013 8) First class in Master of Business Management (Hospital Management) 9) private counselling around 70 patients in the year of 2015-2017 COMPUTER SKILLS 1) HARDWARE 2) DIPLOMA IN COMPUTER APPLICATIONS 3) DIPLOMA IN DESKTOP PUBLISHING

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Karthikeyan Psychology Completed 2016
Pursuing N.A.

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