R. Chandrasekar

Assistant Professor (SF)

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  • Date of Join: 2017-06-16


  • R.Chandrasekar and M.Yogeswari, "3D Reconstruction of brain tumor in MRI inages", in National Conference on Data Communication and Multimedia-2017.
  • M.Yogeswari and R.Chandrasekar, "Implementing Digital Signature with Lempel ZIVWELCH algorithm to enhanced security of Cloud Computing", in National Conference on Data Communication and Multimedia-2017.
  • M.Yogeswari and R.Chandrasekar,"Case study on Quantum Cryptography veraus classic cryptography algorithms", in TEJAS-2018.
  • R.Chandrasekar and M.Yogeswari,"Review on IOT technology", in International journal for computation and theoritical Nano-Science-2018.
  • M.Yogeswari and R.Chandrasekar,"Designing acoustic communication system with body sensor to recover the people under avalanche", in International journal for computation and theoretical Nano-Science.
  • M.Yogeswari and R.Chandrasekar,"Enhancing Cyber security in work place using cryptographic algorithms", published in conference proceedings (ICCSG)-2018.

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  • Attended workshop on "Research Methodology in Computer Science & Information Technology", MKU- 2016.
  • Attended workshop on "Online Examination and Feedback using smart phones", conducted by MKU-2018.
  • Participated in FDP programmes conducted by THIAGARAJAR College during the year 2017 and 2018.
  • Attended workshop on,"Art of Writing Research papers, project proposals and Patent Filing", conducted by COE, Thiagarajar college .

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    Delivered lecture on "Recent trends in Java Programming" at Senthamarai College,Madurai on 2/1/2019.

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