P. Eswari

Assistant Professor (SF)

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    M.A., M.Phil.NET(2),SET

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  • Date of Join: 2018-06-18


S.No Name of the Journal Title of The Article Month Year Volume and Issue ISSN No.& Impact Factor 1 Lang Lit Back To Streets Nov2017 Volume-4Issue-2 2349-5189 Imp-4.23 2 IJELLH Cultural Transition From Evolution to Devolution-A Study in Badaga Culture April 2018 Volume-6 Issue-4 2321-7065 Imp-5.7

Conference/Workshop Attended

Sl.No Name of the Conference / Title of the Paper Name of the organization Year Participated/Presented 1 UGC sponsored National seminar on Indian Writing English -A Literary Uprising MannarThirumalainaicker College, Madurai September -2013 Presented Cultural Transition from Evolution to Devolution-A Study in Badaga Culture 2 National conference on Indian Literature On Marginality In English AnnaiFathima College of Arts and Science, Madurai October-2013 Presented Back To Streets 3 National Conference on Transpiring Trends in English Language and Literature NMSS VellaichamyNadar College, Madurai March 2014 Presented Learning Vocabulary Through Crossword Puzzles 4 UGC sponsored National conference on English Language and Literature Thiagarajar college of arts and science, Madurai Feb 2013 Presented Diasporic Sensibilities in Postcolonial Literature 5 State level Seminar on Celebration of Rabindranath Tagore MannarThirumalainaicker College, Madurai March 2011 Presented Rabindranath Tagore –A Social Reformer 6 International conference on Advances in Engineering Science and Technology SBM college of engineering and technology Dindigul March 2016 Presented Reading And Learning Strategies And Skills 7 International conference on Advances in Engineering Science and Technology SBM college of engineering and technology Dindigul March 2018 Presented Challenges in Accumulation of Technical English with Engineering studies 8 UGC sponsored International Conference on Solutions To Ecological Challenges: Multidimensional Perspectives Fatima College Madurai December 2014 Participated 9 One Day Workshop on GETTING AHEAD :EXPLORING CAREER AVENUES Fatima College, Madurai February 2013 Participated 10 International Conference on Intercultural Communication The American College Madurai September 2014 Participated 11 International Symposium on Indo American Perspectives Fatima College Madurai January 2012 Participated 12 UGC- National Seminar on Literary Theory Fatima College December 2011 Participated 13 International Workshop on ELT Fatima College Madurai February 2012 Participated 14 One Day District Level Workshop On Innovative and Interactive Teaching Fatima College Madurai September 2012 Participated 15 International Workshop on ELT- Generic Activities and Strategies Fatima College Madurai February 2013 Participated 16 One Day Workshop on Moulding Perception to achieve greater things in Life Fatima College, Madurai August 2012 Participated 17 Bridge Course For Freshers Fatima College, Madurai August 2012 Handled Soft Skills 18 Costume Designer The American College February 2014 Twelfth Night

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    03 Years and 05 Months

    SBM college of engineering,Dindigul


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Qualified NET twice in 2018, Topper in all the papers in B.A.,M.A.,M.Phil.,

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Speakers' forum Thiagarajar College from 2019