P. Krishnaveni

Assistant Professor (SF)

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    M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.

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  • Date of Join: 2019-06-12


• G. Marimuthu and P. Krishnaveni, Super Edge – antimagic Graceful labeling of Graphs, Malaya Journal of Matematik 3(3), (2015), 312-317. • G. Marimuthu and P. Krishnaveni, Super Edge-Antimagic Gracefulness of Disconnected Graphs, Lecture Notes in Computer science, (10398), (2017),(152-155). • P. Krishnveni, G. Marimuthu and G. Kumar, E-super (a,d)-Ph-antimagic total labeling of Stars, Journal of Graph Labeling, 3(1), (2017), 43-50.

Conference/Workshop Attended

• Eighth Annual Conference of Academy of Discrete Mathematics and Applications and Graph Theory Day VIII held on 08.06.2012 – 10.06.2012 at V.V.Vanniaperumal College for Women, Virudhunagar. • National Conference on Recent Developments in Applications of Graph Theory held on 02.08.2013 – 03.08.2013 at Raja Doraisingam Government Arts College, Sivagangai. • Instructional workshop on Graph labeling Problems held on 05.02.2014 – 11.02.2014 at Kalasalingam University, Krishnankoil. • Instructional workshop on Graph Theory and its Applications to Visual Cryptography held on 10.03.2014 – 15.03.2014 at Kalasalingam University, Krishnankoil. • Eigth International workshop on Graph Labelings (IWOGL) held on 03.12.2014 – 06.12.2014 at Kalasalingam University, Krishnankoil. • National Seminar on Advances in Pure and Discrete Mathematical Structures held on 26.02.2015 – 27.02.2015 at S.R.N.M College, Sattur. • National Seminar on Recent Advancement on Distance, Domination and Labeling in Graphs held on 21.01.2016 - 22.01.2016. • International Conference on Theoretical Computer Science and Discrete Mathematics (ICTCSDM) held on 19.12.2016 – 21.12.2016 at Kalasalingam University, Krishnankoil. • National workshop on Some Recent Research Directions in Graph Theory held on 09.03.2017 – 10.03.2017 at ANJA College, Sivakasi.

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