Training / Workshop / Winter Schools organized by the Centre




Two day workshop on Multiplex ligation dependent probe amplification and its application in collaboration with Department of Zoology & BITS, Hyderabad Campus21.12.15 and 22.12.15PG Microbiology and Biotechno
Two day Workshop on UV-Vis Spectrophotometric techniques along with Department of Zoology09.01.16 and 10.01.16Intercollegiate
Winter school on Statistics for biologists 21.11.16 to 26.11.16Intercollegiate
Winter schools on Mathematical modelling on Bioresource management 21.11.16 to 26.11.16Intercollegiate
Winter school on Kinetics of marine microbial products21.11.16 to 26.11.16Intercollegiate
Hands on training on Chromatographic techniques 07.10.17 and 08.10.17Intercollegiate
Hands on training on Basic bioinformatics tools07.10.17 and 08.10.17Intercollegiate
Winter school on Bioentrepreneurship and IPR23.11.17 to 28.11.17Intercollegiate
Winter school on Molecular techniques 23.11.17 to 28.11.17Intercollegiate
Winter school on Bioinformatics and Drug designing 23.11.17 to 28.11.17Intercollegiate
Winter school on Biostatistics and mathematical modeling 23.11.17 to 28.11.17Intercollegiate