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    B.Sc. Psychology course was started in the academic year of 2015-2016. Psychology degree provides graduates with a broad skill set including data analysis, problem solving, scientific and statistical literacy and effective communication to probe the human sub- consciousness and suggest mental health care measures.

    This study is growing dynamically with the ever evolving society. It is a multifaceted discipline which lies at the crossroads of other disciplines like biology, medicine, sociology, linguistics, medicine, anthropology, history and education as its content overlaps with other subjects, with unfailing regularity.

    • To involve in the study of mind processes, reactions, motives, feelings, crisis management, conflict resolution, motivation, group think and nature of mind.
    • To develop essential skills in preparation for a wide range of careers, while also allowing for specialisation in a particular psychological discipline focused towards student’s professional interests.
    On completion of B.Sc. Psychology course, candidates have various career opportunities.
      They can work in:
    • Non Government & Government Agencies- Social Welfare, Rehabilitation
    • Mental health worker/Counsellor
    • Psychological wellbeing practitioner
    • Educational Psychologist
    • Child/ Youth Guidance Centres/Geriatric Counsellor
    • Marketing, Advertising & Consumer Behaviour Analyst
    • Psychotherapist
    • Teaching
    • Hospital Management
  • B.Sc. Psychology