Women's Studies Centre is one of the nine schemes for women offered by the University Grants Commission (UGC), New Delhi, and was introduced during VII plan. Currently, during the XI plan, there are 67 Women's Studies Centres in various universities and colleges throughout the country.

The Women's Studies Centre of the college was started in 2010 by Dr.Mrs.Uma Kannan, Vice President of the college, with the objective of reaching out to underprivileged women and to make a positive difference in their lives.

As a part of the Thiagarajar group of institutions' Social Responsibility programme, this centre focuses mainly on educating women in the areas of health, nutrition, mental wellbeing, HIV, AIDS, importance of education and sending children to school, skill based training as a tool to gain financial security and independence and self-worth. The centre voices and addresses the concerns and challenges faced by women and guides them towards decision-making and leading a self-sustaining and dignified life. The centre aims to achieve this goal by the following objectives:

  • To bring about awareness and facilitate gender analysis on critical issues through gender sensitization programmes.
  • To optimize the talents and potentials of under privileged women.
  • To prepare them for self employment and /or entrepreneurship through competence building measures.
  • To create awareness on physical, psychological, nutritional health of women and specific environmental problems which affect women, through suitable action-oriented programmes.