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Academic Council / Board of Studies

  • Principal – Chairman of the Academic Council
  • Dean – Curriculum Development – Convener
  • University Nominees
    • Dr.S.Chelliah, Professor, Head & Chairperson, School of English & Foriegn Languages,MKU, Madurai.
    • Dr.R.Saraswathi, Professor & Head, Department of Material Science, School of Chemistry, MKU, Madurai.
    • Dr.J.Vijayadurai, Associate Professor, Department of Management Studies, MKU, Madurai.
  • Management Nominees
    • Dr.M.Palani Natha Raja, Professor & Dean(Planning and Development), TCE, Madurai.
    • Dr.M. Arunagiri, Former Principal, Thiagarajar College, Madurai.
  • All HODs of academic and non-academic departments of Thiagarajar college
  • Director of Collegiate Education as the State representative
  • Representative of Thiagarajar College in the Academic Council from Madurai Kamaraj University
  • The most senior Associate Professor and the most senior Assistant Professor
  • One student representative from each department
  • Deans and Controller of Examinations as special invitees
  • Head of the Departments - Chairman of the Board
  • All faculty members - Members of the Board
  • One external expert nominated by the Principal based on the recommendation of the department
  • One alumnus nominated by the department and approved by the Principal
  • One representative from the Madurai Kamaraj University nominated by the University
  • Two student representatives from the department