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Quality Circle

  • Dr. P. Thillai Rajan
  • Dr. R. Arun Prasath
  • Orientation programme for the Part-V QC students.
  • Educated the QC students regarding the app introduced by the Madurai Corporation.
  • Organised 5S poster competition in the Departent if Buisness Administration, as a part of Part-V activity.
  • Educated the QC students regarding dengue awareness on 21.10.2017.
  • Educated the Part-V QC students regarding the fire fighting facilities, taughtt by the fire service personnel.
  • Organised mass cleaning on 25th October 2017 in the college campus, as a part of 5S measure.
  • Trained the QC students regarding the 5S audit activities.
  • Involoved the QC students in the implemtation of 5S in the institution and in the proces of auditing and certification.