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    To create an academically sound environment that nurtures, motivates and inspires excellence in research and teaching in Mathematics along with concern for society.

    To educate and form the youth as liberated lifelong learners who are sensitive to gender and ecology, empowered to respond to global challenges.
    To make the students creative and research oriented
    To impart quality education in Mathematics to rural and economical weaker students
    To inspire, prepare and empower students to succeed in the ever changing world.

    Department Profile
    The department of Mathematics was established in the year 1949 and upgraded as a postgraduate department in 1959. Adding feathers to its crown of academic and research excellence the department was recognized as a research centre by Madurai Kamaraj University in the year 2012. Based on the mantra of Education "Teaching & Learning - Research - Extension" the department has undertaken many research projects funded by DRDL, CSIR, UGC and MHRD. The department was a DST-FIST sponsored department(2012-2017). Now the department is equipped with the state of art infrastructures like rich collection of books, Mathematica network license, Lingo(Linear and Non linear) software, Systat statistical package and well equipped computer laboratory with 100 mbps network connectivity.

    The department of Mathematics comprises 21 highly qualified and dedicated faculty members specialized in diverse areas such as Graph theory, Analysis, Algorithmic Graph Theory, Differential Equations and Topology. Apart from putting in constant sincere efforts to help the students, teachers are constantly engaged in research activities and updating themselves on recent developments. The department also aims to train people who are oriented towards research and teaching in advanced areas of pure and applied Mathematics. The department conducts specialized coaching classes for SET/NET examinations for postgraduate students. The Department also offers remedial classes for the slow learners.

    Academic activities of the Department apart from teaching and research include activities like organizing seminars, conferences, workshops, Winter Schools programmes etc. for serving teachers and students. Research Oriented Lecture Series(ROLS) is a signature of the department. Students are encouraged in problem solving through various activities of THIMAT club. The department is associated with department of Botany, Zoology, Physics, Chemistry and National centre of Excellence for interdisciplinary research.

    Thrust Areas:

    1. Magic and Graceful Labelling of Graphs
    2. Partial Differential Equations
    3. Delay Differential Equations
    4. Stochastic Differential Equations
    5. Algorithmic Graph Theory
    6. Cryptography
    7. Mathematical Modelling